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3 ways to conserve energy at shopping centres

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shopping centres Today most commercial spaces are moving towards energy-efficient and sustainable models. As it is not only eco-friendly but also has a major impact on the electricity costs of the space. Hence, many commercial places, like shopping malls, are considering redesigning their spaces to promote a sustainable environment and save as much energy as possible

Shopping centres use energy in varied forms, depending upon the services and goods offered by outlets operating within the space. Therefore, it amounts to significant energy use, thereby forming an integral part of the operational cost of the business.

Hence, the owners look for multiple methods and techniques that can optimise functionality and reduce energy losses in different outlets of the mall shopping centres.

Here are some energy conservation tips suggested by renowned commercial architects in Delhi-NCR that can be integrated into the layout design to build an energy-efficient environment shopping centres.

How to save energy in a shopping mall?

Pay heed to motion sensors

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A great way to save energy or cut down the losses is to install motion sensors. The sensors help in keeping the lights off when the space is vacant but then turn them back on when humans are present. Many malls consider using motion sensors in the restrooms where the lights are usually left on, with no one using the space. Thus, integrating this technology can help with the efficient use of energy, thus allowing electricity to be directed to other uses.

The lighting system

One of the best ways to conserve energy at a major scale is to watch for efficient lighting solutions. Consider replacing all your old lighting fixtures with modern LED lighting to promote a sustainable environment and save costs. New LEDs have a record of about 75% less energy consumption as compared to incandescent lighting, while they also have lower heat output. Hence, considering them for usage might be the best option for shopping malls to light up the space well while monitoring conservation. Even taking a daylight approach within certain spaces with vast windows can enhance the beauty of the overall mall shopping centres.

Optimising HVAC systems for energy-efficiency

shopping centres

Along with these, isolation of switch points is also a great way to cut electricity costs. Offices within the mall which occupies a large area can adopt this option. As it is vital to illuminate only the occupied areas. In the case of the single switch connected to all the lights can lead to unnecessary waste of electricity and higher costs. Hence, different zones in an office must have distinct switches to turn on and off accordingly. This will ensure that only occupied areas are switched on.

Wrap up

No doubt, energy conservation is one of the major concerns in commercial spaces like shopping malls. Fortunately, there are ways for them to become energy efficient. The primary points have been mentioned above in detail. Furthermore, keeping tabs on the usage of heating applications like microwaves, ovens, and thermostats is also essential to saving electricity costs and unnecessary wastage.

For detailed information according to the structure of the mall, consult the best architects in Delhi. They are your best bet and will help you conserve energy and promote sustainability in shopping centres. Furthermore, their expertise can make sure to build a desirable environment for all the customers, tenants and staff.

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