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3 Ways to Conquer Acne in Summers

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The summer season is all about the beautiful skies, warm weather, and endless sunshine. Though summertime is one of the best times of the year, it can also bring some unpleasant side-effects in the form of overwhelming outbursts of acne.

During summers, the humidity levels are higher which may aggravate the production of sebum that can set into the skin’s pores, blocking them in the process. This can lead to the development of acne breakouts. In addition, high temperatures may further open these pores and force people to sweat more, making their skin susceptible to bacteria and acne-causing debris.

If you have acne-prone skin, here are some of the best ways that can help you conquer acne breakouts in summers:

1. Sun Protection

Sun exposure can take a heavy toll on your skin. During summertime, your skin becomes susceptible to UV radiations which generate free radicals that cause sunburns and acne breakouts. In order to protect your skin from the heat, it is important that you wear a non-comedogenic sunscreen with a higher SPF before going out in the sun.

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2. Don’t surrender to temptation

No matter how irresistible it may be, do not try to scratch, pierce or prick at your pimples. Popping your acne can lead to inflammation and the spread of bacteria on the surrounding skin. Moreover, pricking at acne can further increase your risk of scarring.

3. Develop a healthy skincare regimen

Acne can attack anyone irrespective of gender or age. Therefore, it is essential to develop a healthy skincare regimen in order to maintain a beautiful skin. Here are some guidelines you should follow for combating acne effectively:

  • Clean your face twice a day using lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. You can also cleanse your face with AcneStar Soap as it can help eliminate excess sebum from your skin’s surface and prevent future breakouts. However, you should avoid rubbing harshly while cleaning your face.
  • Restrict the use of skin products like masks and scrubs as excessive use of these products can cause irritation on your skin.
  • Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer for your skin.
  • Avoid thick creams, foundations, and serums. Use only oil-free makeup products.
  • Drink a lot of water to maintain a healthy and well-hydrated skin.

When your skin is prone to acne breakouts, the best thing you can offer is gentle care. Ideally, you should refrain yourself from using irritating products and establish a regular skincare regimen. Follow the above-mentioned ways while also regularly applying the best products for acne such as AcneStar Gel in order to achieve a beautiful, glowing, and acne-free skin.

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