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3 Ways influencer marketing is changing

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Influencer marketing is an in-trend marketing approach that has gained immense popularity with the advent of time. It is referred to as a communication technique that allows marketers and brands to reach out to their respective target audience via social media influencers.

As per the top influencer marketing agencies in India, it is one of the fastest growing online customer-acquisition methods that can effectively help brands to accomplish their business goals. Thus, brands now aim to strengthen their relationship with influencers who resonate with their products or services.

However, a study claims that the influencer marketing domain has experienced rapid changes in the last couple of years with respect to brand approaches, influencers, and social media platforms. It has now become more accessible and measurable.

Here are some ways the influencer marketing game is changing:

1. Influencer marketing budgets are increasing

The best influencer marketing agencies in India believe that brands are likely to increase their influencer marketing budgets in the coming years. A study reveals that a host of brands and businesses invested nearly $500 million on influencer marketing ads in the year 2015. Furthermore, it is claimed that the respective amount can potentially reach to almost $10 billion by 2020.

2. Demand for unique creative is surging

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The social media audience has evolved with time and so have the marketing approaches. The top influencer outreach agencies affirm that consumers on social media platforms are becoming increasingly selective and aware as they can easily distinguish between paid posts and other content formats. This has eventually surged the demand for creative and unique content that can easily lure the audience and convey the brand’s message effectively.

3. Reliance on paid media is increasing

The best influencer endorsement agencies in India believe that organic posts alone may soon become inefficient in serving the marketing purpose comprehensively. They claim that Facebook’s and Instagram’s content prioritizing strategies can make sole reliance on organic engagement a risky affair. Thus, marketers will increase their reliance on paid media and boost the posts for promoting their influencer marketing campaigns and driving user engagement. This will eventually allow the brands to take control of the results.

Apart from the above-mentioned changes, recent trends also reveal that videos are emerging as the favorite and most preferred content format for the brands. For instance, the world’s most dominant video sharing platform YouTube savored a hike of almost 34% with regard to engagement in 2019. Thus, the best social outreach agencies believe that marketers are likely to invest more on videos, considering it to be a pivotal opportunity for increasing their brand’s presence.

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