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3 Uncommon causes of acne breakout:

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The little blemishes that you see, are they really acne? Have you ever wondered why we still get acne well beyond our teenage years? There are several reasons that lead to acne but rest assured it’s not only because you are eating junk or chocolate. It can be a change in hormones, skincare routines, or lifestyle choices.

Here are some of the uncommon reasons that result in acne breakout:

  1. Using way too many skincare products

When you use too many skincare products it can aggravate the skin which can lead to acne. If you are someone who experiments with different products every year, that is great for the cosmetic industry but bad for your skin. What happens here is when you switch products or keep on adding a new one before giving the already existing products a chance to work or get used to your skin, it leads to acne. Try to reduce the products and only keep the ones that are completely necessary.

In addition to that, make sure that you read the labels and see there’s nothing in there that can potentially harm your skin. One of the clear gels for acne that can help cure your acne is acne star gel. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which helps reduce acne and leaves you with glowing skin.

2. Facial hair removal can lead to acne

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Over here you are trading one problem for another – bumpy and red skin. But the itchy bumps that you get after removing facial hair is not acne but a rash. Make sure you use a face wash after you are done such as acne face wash. It has milli capsules and aloe vera extract that help the facewash act as a moisturizer. So you don’t need to apply one after you use Acnestar face wash. This will help you in cutting down the number of products that you have use.

3. Travelling somewhere new

When you travel to a new place, do you ever notice how the texture and feel of your skin completely changes? This happens due to the change in environment, the sun, heat, humidity, all of this can lead to acne. Here, try to carry the products that you trust with you. So that even when you come back to your hotel, your face will not act up much as you will be using the same products you use back home. In order to keep your skin acne-free use acnestar soap. Not only does this soap acts like one but you can rub it on your face as it helps fight acne as well.

It is very likely to get acne no matter how old you are. However, take note of when your pimple occurs as it will help identify a pattern. When you recognize the underlying causes of your adult acne, it is the first step to get it under control.  

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