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    3 Types of Tyre Treads and their Advantages

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    Tyre treads refer to the rubber on the tyre circumference that makes first contact with the road.According to thetop tyre brands, tyre creation is an art. Tyres are the intensely complicated components of automotive design that consist of several elements including tyre shape, tread blocks (tread lugs), tread shape, grooves, voids, and some special features like rain grooves and sipes.

    Tyres can be categorized on the basis of tread types. According to experts, different treads are made in accordance with different road conditions and vehicle requirements. Some types of tyre treads and their respective advantages include:                

    1. Symmetrical Treads

    Symmetrical treads followthe same pattern across the whole tyre. They consist of continuous grooves and independent lugs that provide efficientroad holding.With identical tread designs, they can be fitted and rotated in either of the directionwhich prolongs their life. Vehicle manufacturers use these types of tyres in non-high-performance passenger cars. Some advantages include:

    • Quiet and long lasting
    • Provide pleasant driving smoothness
    • Ensure efficient directional stability
    • Ensure low rolling resistance for reducing fuel consumption  

    Tyres with symmetrical treads provide a value for money tyre option for short distance drives.

    • Asymmetric Treads

    Primarily used in sports cars, asymmetrical tread tyres have different tread patterns on both inner and outer edges, and are specifically designed forimproving performance.These various tread patterns on the sides serve different purposes for the vehicle. Smaller tread blocks are installed on the inner side for water displacement and improving the grip on wet roads,while tread patterns on the other side provide lateral stiffness. Some advantages of asymmetric tread patterns include:

    • Ensure excellent handling and high curve stability
    • Provide strong road grip in wet conditions
    • Built to provide all-round performance in damp as well as dry conditions

    The best tyre brands mark tyres with ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ engravings to ensure correct tyre positioning.

    • Directional Treads

    Directional treads are considered as the best of both worlds. They exhibit a V-shaped arrowhead-like pattern to maximize water displacement with unimpeded water flow. They offer high protection against aquaplaning while providing greater directional stability. They are designed to work only for unidirectional rotations, therefore must be fitted accordingly. Some of their advantages include:

    • Ensure high aquaplaning protection
    • Provide smooth vehicle handling at high speeds
    • Great for snow covered roads with excellent traction
    • Great appearance with performance attributes

    Apart from the above-mentioned, some tyre brands also manufacture tyres with flow-optimized asymmetrical tread patterns that provide combined advantages of directional and asymmetric tread patterns. This reduces the flow resistance and boosts water drainage from the contact surface of the tyres. uX{ cJ

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