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3 Types of Influencers that Rule Instagram Today

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Instagram was initially introduced in the year 2010 as a social media platform where users could primarily share photos and videos. Over the years, the platform has acquired massive success and has now emerged as one of the leading social media platforms in the world.

According to reports, Instagram had nearly 130 million monthly active users back in 2013. However, it marked its success evidently by touching the billion mark in 2018. The platform has also crossed the half billion mark in terms of daily users and was independently estimated to be worth more than $100 billion (starting of the year).

With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram was recognized as world’s second most engaged social network. The above-mentioned statistics have attracted the eyes of numerous brands as they have identified the platform as a productive place to position their products and services via an effective tool called influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is one of the primary factors that has added to the massive success of the Instagram. According to the best influencer marketing agencies in India, Instagram is the hub of influencers. A report by eMarketer reveals that more than 5 lakh influencers are currently operating on Instagram and 81% of them have a considerable number of followers, ranging between 15 thousand to 1 lakh. 

Influencers are the opinion leaders of the social media world who can exert influence on the purchasing decisions of the consumers. They create innovative and effective content to tap a major chunk of the audience and cater to a variety of interest areas. For this reason, many brands are increasingly reaching out to the best influencer outreach agencies in order to find the right influencers for their products.

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According to a top Instagram outreach agency, here are the 3 most popular types of influencers who are dominating Instagram today:

1. The Stars

Stars primarily refer to the celebrity influencers on Instagram. They are renowned and popular faces in the public domain who are recognized all across the globe. Movie stars, sportspersons, reality TV stars, show-stoppers, etc. have a huge mass following and majorly rely on their public persona, personality and personal life to drive interest and engagement from their fans.

2. The Specialists

Instagram and influencer marketing has allowed millions of people to earn from their talent and passion. The specialists refers to a group of influencers who specialize in a particular niche and have their own exclusive and concentrated audience. For instance, tech influencers have their own exclusive audience that is interested in technology. Thus, they could be a perfect choice for tech-related brands.           

3. The Artists

Visual artists like photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, painters, etc. follow the traditional Instagram approach and post alluring visual content that leaves people mesmerized. Their main focus remains on the aesthetics of their content rather than the promotion. Many of these artists amalgamate their various interests and post content relevant to multiple groups of audience. For instance, many filmmakers on Instagram have combined their passion for travelling with their videography skills. Thus, they attract both film as well as travel enthusiasts.           The DIY experts, vine makers, comedians, instructors, etc. are some other types of popular influencers prevalent on Instagram.  

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