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3 Things you should know about modern office lighting

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Modern workplace is an architectural concept that focuses on the development of a flexible environment that acknowledges seamless communication and collaboration. It encourages the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, utilization of modern tools, and improvement of various architectural and interior designing elements for increasing the motivation, productivity and engagement of the employees. One such element is office lighting.

Lighting in an office space is probably one of the most important elements that not only assures proper illumination and visibility but also ensures employee wellness and safety. According to the leading commercial lighting manufacturers,lighting conditions in an office space can have a significant positive influence on the health and behaviour of the employees that can eventually improve their performance.

For instance, various scientific studies assert that natural light is highly favourable as it helps in enhancing employee performance. These studies have served as the basis of smart lighting solutions like Human Centric Lighting that emulate sunlight-like conditions in indoor office spaces, thereby promoting a person’s well-being, mood, and health.     

Here are some important things you should know about office lighting and how it is changing the modern work culture:

1. Increased focus on employee health and wellness

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Various studies assert that lighting can lay a huge influence on the productivity and concentration levels of the employees. Poor illumination levels and lighting glares are bad for employee health and can lead to migraines, eye discomfort, or headaches. Many times, poor lighting can also make people feel tired and lethargic, resulting in notable dip in performance. Fortunately, modern-day work ethics prioritize employee health and wellness over profits. Hence, many office authorities are now deciding on office LED lighting solutions that deliver optimal illumination levels and ensure employee comfort and safety at all times.

2. Lighting for open office environment

Workplaces have greatly evolved with time. Traditional workspace designs relied on cubicles for encouraging a sense of privacy and ownership to the employees. However, with the focus now shifting on increasing collaboration, offices are now adhering to the concept of open office environment. This has also led to modifications in the lighting setups. While cubicles were typically illuminated by task lighting, open office spaces acknowledge the integration of suspended lights for office. For instance, Inspiro and Pie LED by Wipro Lighting are some of the most recommended products that are being increasingly used in office spaces.

3. Integrating lighting with modern technologies

Modern offices not only focus on interior designing elements but also on the integration of modern technologies. Fortunately, the leading LED lighting manufacturers have concentrated their efforts in fusing LED luminaires with modern technologies to fabricate smart lighting solutions that are perfect for a workplace environment. For instance, Wipro Lighting has collaborated with pureLiFi to drive LiFi adoption in Asia. LiFi is modern office lighting solution that furnishes a secure network of high-speed wireless data through light. This can serve as the basis of seamless connectivity and communication within the office premises.

Lighting also contributes significantly to the total energy consumption in office spaces. Fortunately, the recent popularity of LED lighting solutions in office spaces has allowed concerned authorities to save healthy amounts on electricity bills and to increase the energy efficiency quotient of the buildings.

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