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3 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat

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Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is referred to as the unhealthy fat tissue which gets deposited in the midsection of the human body, around the abdominal organs.

According to the best bariatric surgeons in India, excess amount of belly fat is extremely harmful and can increase the risk of various medical conditions including type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, insulin resistance, and blood lipid disorders. Thus, getting rid of the excess belly fat is highly essential for a healthy living.

Here are 3 best ways to lose belly fat:     

  • Increase body’s metabolic rate

Metabolism is referred to as a set of biochemical reactions that convert consumed food into usable energy. According to the top metabolic surgeons in India, a strong metabolism and increased metabolic rate efficiently speeds up the fat burning process and aids in weight loss. Some ways to increase metabolic rate include:

  • Set up a proper and appropriate eating routine and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Stay hydrated. However, do not compensate water intake with other sugary or carbonated drinks.
  • Lift heavy weights. Muscles are more metabolically active than fat, and strengthening them effectively uplifts the body’s metabolic rate.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal imbalance that can lead to fat gain.

A strong metabolic rate not only helps you to lose belly fat but also ensures healthy weight management further in time.   

  • Take help of aerobic exercises
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Exercising not only helps you to live a longer and healthy life but is also the best way of losing belly fat. According to the top bariatric surgeons in India, aerobic exercises like walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc. work effectively in belly fat reduction from the abdominal areas. Furthermore, some researches also claim that it prevents re-gaining of abdominal fat after successful weight loss.  

  • Ensure healthy food behavior 

Dietary changes and good food habits help in belly fat reduction. Food is an essential element of weight loss as it is directly related to various aspects including muscle building, metabolism and immunity. Here are some food habits that you should develop in order to get rid of belly fat:

  • Avoid consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks.
  • Increase daily protein intake. Chicken, pulses, green vegetables, etc. are some excellent sources of protein.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods and cut carbohydrates from your daily diet.
  • Replace normal cooking oil with olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Develop a food diary to monitor your eating patterns.

Losing belly fat has many associated health benefits and promises a longer life. Though it could be a troublesome task for some, strong will power, dedication and determination can work majestically well in helping you out.

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