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3 Simple tips to lighten staircases right

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Staircases are a common architectural element in multi-storey facilities. They interconnect various floors and ensure a comfortable and easy commute between the levels. Over the period of time, staircases have undergone a lot of modifications, particularly in terms of design and style.

For instance, people nowadays have various options to choose from. They can select staircases from a range of varieties like straight, L-shaped, spirals, U-shaped or curves. However, this decision should be made keeping in mind the suitability and availability of space.

Staircases also serve as aesthetical additions in a space that can be accentuated with the right type of lighting. Moreover, installing LED lighting solutions can also make commuting on the stairs easy and safe for the building occupants.

Here are some simple tips you should consider for lighting up your staircases:

1. Use wall lights in indoor staircases

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Wall lights are probably one of the easiest solutions when it comes to lighting up the staircases. They are easy to install and comparatively inexpensive. Moreover, they are easily available in the market, that too in various design and style options. However, it is important that you buy lights of the right colour temperature and lumen levels so as to complement the overall vibe of the space.

2. Consider using recessed lights or downlights for a sophisticated and clean look

Recessed lighting solutions are practical and visually pleasing lighting solutions that can blend seamlessly with the modern designs schemes. Though they are generally installed on false ceilings, they are multifunctional and can be installed in a variety of positions. If installed and positioned correctly, they can bring your stairs to life. You can also consider installing downlight fixtures to illuminate the stairs with an accurate and narrow beam.

3. Illuminate with strip lights

Strip lights are probably one of the most cost efficient lights you can decide for your stairs. Interestingly, they are the most popular lights in a plethora of application areas like movie halls, hotels, restaurants, etc. They are typically placed under each stair and sides to furnish an elegant look. For instance, you can decide on strip lights like Formz LED by Wipro Lighting which are IP65 rated and suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor applications.

Moreover, in case you have a stylish and modern spiral staircase in place, it is best to illuminate it with chandeliers. Chandeliers are a type of suspended lighting solution that can be installed in the middle of the staircase on the ceiling.

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