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3 Myths about buying a Property in Delhi-NCR

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Delhi-NCR is possibly one of the most engaged real estate markets in the country. Every year, the capital city experiences heavy migration from various states with young workforce and students coming in for better education and employment opportunities. As per the top architecture firms in India, Delhi provides a massive number of jobs in the service sector, which is clearly evident with growth of commercial architecture in the city outskirts. 

Over the period of time, parts of Delhi-NCR, namely Gurugram and Noida have emerged as commercial hubs with various multi-national companies setting up their offices in the respective areas. This has also increased the demand for properties in these areas with people preferring to live near their workplaces. However, the market is leveraged with several myths about Delhi-NCR that eventually restricts a large population from buying properties. The top architects in Delhi assert that these myths are also one of the primary reasons that lure people to opt for renting rather than buying their own homes.

Here are the some myths associated with buying properties in Delhi-NCR that people should stop believing:

Myth 1 – Real estate investments are risky

This is possibly one of the biggest myths people tend to believe in. Contrary to this, the top architectural firms in Delhi believe that buying properties in Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida is possibly one of the safest investment options people can decide on. They assert that the properties in these areas are likely to face minimum amount of financial fluctuation as compared to other investment options, including gold and shares.

Myth 2 – Big down payment amount

People tend to refrain themselves from buying a property in Delhi-NCR mistakenly believing that it would require a huge down payment amount. Whereas in reality, the best architectural firms in Delhi offer excellent and affordable payment plans that involve a low amount of down payment.

Myth 3 – Eco-friendly houses are expensive

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Frankly speaking, this is correct. However, people need to understand that buying an eco-friendly house tends to save them a lot of money in the long run. As per the leading sustainable design architects in India, while buying an eco-friendly home may require people to pay some extra money initially, it would provide them long-term benefits with reduced operational and maintenance costs.

Many times, people tend to believe that it is hard to get the right house at the right price, especially in Delhi-NCR. In such a scenario, one should connect with the best architectural firms in Delhi in order to get the best deals.

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