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3 Health Benefits of LED Lighting Solutions in Schools

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Schools are one of the most important public institutions in the society. They play a pivotal role in shaping the future of children by strengthening their problem-solving skills and providing quality education. Thus, school authorities take all the necessary measures and decide on various amenities in order to make the school environment conducive to learning.

For instance, modern-day classrooms are equipped with smart boards which include interactive tools that not only make learning an interesting activity but also surge the motivation levels of the students. Moreover, schools today also provide great attention to the institution’s lighting design.  

Over the period of time, LED lights have become the most preferred lighting solution for all educational institutions as they are the most energy efficient lighting appliances currently available in the world. In fact, the leading LED lighting manufacturers claim that LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than their traditional counterparts such as CFLs and incandescent bulbs. They convert almost 95% of electricity into illumination and only dissipate 5% as heat.      

Thetop commercial lighting manufacturers further assert that LED lighting is the safest and most sustainable lighting solution of the modern world. For instance, LED lightingcan be of critical advantage for schools and other educational institutions that aim to meet high environmental standards within their operations. Moreover, these lighting solutions are also beneficial when it comes to the health and wellness of the students, teachers and employees.

Here are some of the key health benefits associated with LED lighting solutions that make them appropriate for schools:

1. No harmful containments

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First and foremost, LED luminaires are the safest lighting appliances. As per the leading industrial lighting manufacturers, some compact fluorescent lights contain mercury or PCBs that can significantly impair the health of the students and cause long-term side-effects if exposed regularly. Fortunately, LEDs contain no harmful elements and chemicals, which makes them easy to dispose and eventually safeguards the environment from toxic waste. Moreover, their operation is totally safe both for the students as well as the school authorities.

2. Better light quality

Improper illumination levels can put strain on one’s eyes which may further lead to headaches or migraine attacks. In such a scenario, using LED based educational lighting solutions can help infurnishing uniform illumination throughout the space to ensure the comfort and wellness of the students and teachers. Hence, many school authorities have decided on Immaculate Trimless LED byWipro Lightingthat is known toprovide soothing and uniform lighting while sustaining visual harmony.

3. Improves focus and productivity

LEDs furnish high-quality illumination that comprehends the comfort and wellness of the students and school employees. These lighting solutions improve indoor visibility, thereby improving the focus and concentration levels of the students. This eventually results in increased motivation levels and surges their overall productivity.


LEDs are leveraged with various economic, environmental and health benefits. Thus, they are emerging as the top preference of all school authorities looking for refurbishment of their lighting plans. For instance, many schools are acknowledging the integration of smart lighting solutions like inSync™ by Wipro Lighting, which is a human centric lighting solution that intends to promote a student’s well-being, mood and health.

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