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3 Hazards of poor lighting in healthcare settings

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healthcare settings Lighting boasts functionally, improves safety, and ensures a comfortable working environment for all the employees. Moreover, it can also affect human behaviour and influence their productivity, concentration, and motivation levels. Thus, it becomes of critical importance in spaces like healthcare settings.

Healthcare settings like hospitals and medical centres aim to improve people’s health and save lives. They ensure a highly controlled and comfortable environment that aids the recovery of patients. Moreover, lighting also tends to affect the human circadian rhythm. This means that lighting can not only influence the health and wellness of patients but also affect the efficiency of hospital staff, be it doctors, nurses, or ward boys. Thus, it is pivotal for healthcare facilities to maintain the right lighting conditions throughout the day.

Here are some hazards associated with poor lighting in healthcare settings:

  1. Effect on surgeons and doctors

Health experts and surgeons all around the world believe that lighting is the most important part of conducting successful surgeries. Without good lighting, doctors may have unclear vision and may face difficulty in seeing what they’re doing. This can increase the risk of hurting the patient. For instance, poor illumination can impede the surgeon’s ability to distinguish between tissues. Moreover, it can also affect the mental as well as physical health of the surgeon, making them vulnerable to unnecessary stress, eye strain, and fatigue.

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2. Effect on patients

Lighting can not only influence the mood and mental behaviour of doctors but also of the patients. In fact, poor illumination can make patients feel low, depressed, or anxious. This may eventually hamper their recovery and extend their stay at the hospital. Various studies suggest that low quality light can also affect the sleep quality of patients, eventually impeding their recovery. Thus, in order to aid recovery and safeguard the health and wellness of employees, many healthcare facilities are deciding on new-age smart lighting solutions like Human Centric Lighting. This lighting solution is known to promote a balanced emotional state and reduce feelings of fatigue and anxiety.

3. Effect on hospitals

Poor lighting can also increase the cost of operations for the hospitals. Moreover, the impaired health of employees due to poor lighting may lead to increased staff absenteeism, thereby reducing the overall productivity of the hospital.

Luckily, leading LED lighting manufacturers like Wipro Lighting have recognized the lighting needs of healthcare settings. Thus, they have designed and developed healthcare lighting solutions that are beneficial for both the patients as well as hospital staff. For instance, their Comfort Flip range of healthcare lighting products ensures an ambient environment that can aid recovery and compliment performance simultaneously.

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