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3 Fun Socially Distanced Activities to Do This Summer

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Although this summer will be different than the others, you must be excited that it’s warm out there. Despite this new normal, there are numerous fun summer activities you can try while maintaining social distance. Whether you will do it from the comfort of your home or outdoors, these activities will make you feel like you still got your share of warm-weather activities while keeping your family, your community, and yourself safe.

1. Hiking

Hiking is a public activity that you can participate in while observing social distance guidelines and following safety precautions. Various state park hiking trails are open, but they require you to keep a social distance from others. Since hiking is a great way to move out and get some exercise, go online and search about your local hikes and assess their requirements.

Tips for Hiking This Summer

Although hiking is a pure pleasure, you need to take some precautions before hitting the trails. These include:

I. Carry Enough Water

The high temperatures will make your body lose more fluids through sweating (perspiration). Therefore, ensure you carry enough water. Be sure not to take it all at once and opt for frequent small sips to avoid dehydration, prevent headaches, tiredness, or chapped lips.

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Ii. Start Early

If possible, start your hike at 5 am. Starting early means low temperatures, which lower water requirements and prevent you from straining your body too much. Additionally, you will find the trails less crowded when you start, enabling you to set your pace and keep social distance.

Iii. Scrutinize the Weather Forecast

Summer weather can change quickly because of the rapid upward movement of air and can cause thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are dangerous for hikers, and you should postpone the hike if the meteorologists have forecasted thunderstorms. 

If you have planned to hike at high altitudes, have in mind that the temperatures drop as you go higher. Cloudy weather might make hiking at high altitudes less fun as you will have a disturbing view. Besides, fog or clouds might make it dangerous or difficult for you to move along the trail.

Iv. Wear the Right Gear

To be comfortable on trails, ensure you put on the appropriate footwear and clothing. In case the temperatures are high, wear a thin base layer and hiking pants that can dry quickly as they might get soaked in sweat.

 Nevertheless, all your attires should block the harmful sun rays to protect your skin from sunburns. Also, wear long pants to protect yourself against insect bites and a sun hat to protect your neck and head against the sun.

2. Go Camping

Camping is another great fun way to enjoy summer activities. Camping, especially Blackwater Falls state park camping, has everything you could think of in a safe summer activity- the fresh outdoors, few people around, big open spaces. Ensure you go with a small group to lower your risk of getting the coronavirus. Also, you will have little to worry about if you go with people you have been together with in isolation.

Tips for Camping During Summer

The following tips will make your camping experience memorable:

I. Pitch Location and Timing is critical

Do not camp in direct sunlight; ensure you pitch up in a shaded area.

Ii. Air conditioners will help

Consider carrying an air conditioner to cool down your tent if the campsite has a power source.

Iii. Portable Fans Can Help

Although a portable fan will not cool down your tent, it can help you evaporate sweat quickly.

Iv. Allow Some Cool Air to get into Your Tent

By keeping the tent zipped up, it will get incredibly stuffy and hot. Thus, open the windows and doors to allow cool air to circulate.

V. Stay Hydrated

Ensure you carry enough water, especially when going out for a hike in the sun.

Vi. Set Up Protection Against Insect Bites

Before you get out, have in mind that you will interact with biting insects, such as midges and mosquitoes. Thus, ensure you carry insect repellents and a quality head net to protect yourself from insects.

3. Visit The Beach

Many beaches are open and are enacting COVID-19 containment measures, including social distancing. Maintaining a 1.5 meters apart on the beach is easy. The ocean is therapeutic, and vitamin D can never harm you, so get your beach bag, some sunscreen, sun hat, and enjoy.

Beach Safety Tips

The tips below will help you and your loved ones stay safe:

I. Consider the Location

Public health professionals continue to discourage unnecessary travel because the threat of coronavirus is yet to disappear. If you have to go to the beach, consider keeping it local.

Ii. Evaluate Your Personal Risk

Your health status is a significant factor in deciding if you have to go to the beach. Understand your risk factors if you contract the virus and the risk factors of your family members.

Iii. Keep Your Distance

Most beaches are reasonably wide and offer ample space for ensuring social distance. Go with a small group and try to keep a safe distance from others.

Iv. Wear a Mask

Ensure you put your mask in the circumstances you cannot maintain a safe distance from people outside your team.

Always remember that low risk does not imply zero risks. During this summer, ensure you continue to observe safety measures you would follow at home, including using hand sanitizer or washing hands regularly, wearing a mask when you can keep social distance, and avoiding crowded places.

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