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3 Common Fears Women Face while having Sex

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Sex is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, spontaneous, and exciting activities that can give you the most pleasurable experiences of your life. For some women, however, it can be the root cause of fear, stress and anxiety.

While all women want to feel good about their sexual desires and be sexually confident, many still suffer from various fears that can prevent them from having pleasurable sexual encounters. From inexperience to bad past experiences, different women may have different reasons for their sexual fears. So if you too are facing the same problem, it is extremely important that you acknowledge and validate your feelings in order to improve your sexual life.

Let us now look at some of the common fears women need to deal with in their sexual life:

Not looking attractive without clothes

Feeling like you don’t look attractive without clothes can be a real mood killer. While everyone has certain body parts they’re not proud of, you must remember that your partner is only thrilled to see you naked and is paying least attention to any of your flaws. All he wants to do is touch you, kiss you, and make love to you in the most intimate way. So instead of worrying about your own body, focus on the look on your partner’s face when he sees you without clothes.

Not being good at it

Inexperience or bad sexual experiences may often make you feel sexually undesirable. In such a scenario, concentrating on things that make you feel good and being sensitive to your partner’s needs can help you get out of this fear. Openly talk to your partner and seek honest feedback. Express your sexual desires, experiment with different sex positions, and ask your partner what he likes best. You can even initiate dirty talks to leave him wanting for more. For instance, you can tell him that if he wants to enjoy the best oral sex of his life, he should get a pack of the best flavoured condoms on his way back home. This will not only help you get your confidence back but also improve your sexual life.

Failing to orgasm

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According to sex experts, a large percentage of women do not reach the state of orgasm from intercourse alone. However, this shouldn’t be any reason to fear. On the contrary, you should use this as an opportunity to spend more time on foreplay. Openly tell your partner what you like and where you like being touched the most. Spend more time on kissing and slowly take things forward. Make sure you’re fully turned on before the act begins. For a better sexual experience and climax, you and your partner can also try using different types of Manforce pleasure condoms.

Sex is the deepest form of intimacy that is supposed to bring you closer to your partner. Therefore, don’t let your fears affect your sex life. Talk freely with your partner, take your time, experiment with different things, and beat all your fears to enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

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