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3 Biggest Home Buying Myths in India

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Buying a dream home is not only one of the biggest achievements but also the biggest decision people make in life. It involves a substantial amount of investment and paperwork which often puts people under immense pressure of getting it right.        

According to the top architectural firms in Delhi, the Indian real estate market is prone to various myths and misconceptions that can sway people to make uninformed decisions. As a result, several homebuyers suffer massive losses in the long run.

As suggested by the top housing architects, here are the 3 biggest home buying myths in India that people should immediately stop believing:

The builder doesn’t matter when finalizing a home

In many circumstances, deciding on a builder who is not customer-friendly or customer-centric can lead to a lot of frustration for the homeowners. As per the best architectural firms in India, some amoral builders tend to implement unethical practices in order to earn maximum profits. They often use low-quality building material and fittings that can become reasons for trouble in the long run. Thus, it is essential for buyers to purchase property in a building that has been designed by the best house architects in India, who hold a solid reputation of delivering high-quality projects within the promised timelines.

A project is reliable and trustworthy only if you see glamorous advertisements

People often get lured into glamorous front page real estate advertisements and make buying decisions. However, they should adhere to the old saying, “all that glitters is not gold”. The top residential architects in Mumbai suggest people to conduct a comprehensive research before deciding on a residential property. They further assert that people should trust their self-conducted research over any sort of advertisements.

Renting is more affordable than buying a house

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The internet is filled with articles that claim renting is better than buying. Though this is totally dependent on the buyer’s discretion, the numbers state that buying a house is always a better option than renting. Various reports assert that the rental prices are increasing in almost all the cities in the country. However, unlike rental prices, the EMIs remain constant for the entire loan tenure.

Buying their dream home fills people with immense pride and satisfaction. In such a scenario, people are always suggested to consult the top architectural firms in India and make informed buying decisions in order to provide their loved ones a comfortable and safe environment.

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