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    14 Employee Rewards Ideas to Include in Your Rewards Program

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    For better employee retention and engagement, it’s important to reward your employees every now and then. Every business needs its own rewards and recognition program that every employee will be excited to participate in. It’s also important to update your program regularly with the help of continuous feedback from your employees.

    If you are just started building your rewards program, you need to add some creative ideas that will attract more participation from employees. Here are 14 ideas that should help you create the best reward program for your employees.

    14 Employee Rewards Ideas to Include in Your Rewards Program 1


    Giving away branded clothes is probably the easiest reward you can add to your program. Either offer some clothing from a known brand or create your own swag. You can start with a t-shirt, bottles, and mugs with your company’s logo or tagline on them. Most people love to show off their company and free stuff.

    Premium Subscriptions

    With almost every business shifting to a digital age now, it makes sense to offer people some online subscription to services. These could include a year subscription of Netflix or prime. You can also offer premium accounts to online services. No one likes too many ads; this could make someone really happy.


    This can be placed as an optional reward, if someone likes books, you can offer them a chance to win the best book of the month. There are a lot of people who still live to read actual books, it can be a novel or a fiction story.

    Gift Card

    Just like subscriptions, this one will make a lot of people happy as well. Offer your employees a chance to win gift cards to shopping stores or websites, such as Amazon. You can also ask employees which retailer they prefer.

    Monthly Club Subscriptions

    There are a lot of clubs out there that offer a mystery gift box every month to the person who agrees to pay a monthly subscription for said service. These mystery boxes can contain various merchandise from different brands. Offering a subscription to service like this for 2 or 3 months is a great addition.

    Fun Trip

    You can also take a team to places where they can have fun, such as water parks, amusement parks, etc. Set a pre-designated budget for the same and you can send the best performing team for a day of fun.

    Personalized items

    You can offer employees who perform the best, a chance to get their very own stickers or mugs. You can personalize these items with their favorite image. This can be either their own image or something they love.


    Offer a chance for employees to decorate and choose the artwork they like for your office, or their teams’ space. You can give them a set budget and wall and let them choose how they want to decorate that part of space.

    Recognition Note From CEO

    Getting recognized is the best feeling every employee is running after. Offering a personal recognition note from the CEO about their achievement can give them a great boost.


    Offer employees a chance to learn some paid courses. You can set some daily classes for employees or offer virtual course subscriptions as well.

    14 Employee Rewards Ideas to Include in Your Rewards Program 2


    The best option for rewards is offering a vacation. You can send an employee to a paid vacation for 3-5 days to a place they love. If it can’t be a long vacation, you can instead offer some tickets to a museum, parks, or a movie theater for them and their family. This can be a great alternative.


    Offer employees a chance to win private dinner at a local restraint. Everyone loves good food. This reward can either be offered to a single individual or the complete team.

    Concert or Game Ticket

    There are a lot of people who love going to concerts or want a chance to sit in the front row of a sports game event. Offering tickets to concerts or games can be a great way to reward your hard-working employees.

    Time Off

    You can also offer some extra PTO to employees for their exceptional performance. Everyone loves some extra free time.

    Closing thoughts

    Having great employee rewards and recognition program is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for the hard work they do for your company. These tips should help build a great one for your business as well.

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