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11 Places To Visit In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a town and state in China. It is located in the southern region of the country and borders on the South China Sea. Hong Kong is among the very densely populated areas on the planet. It merely covers 426 square kilometers but is currently home to seven thousand people. All but five percent of them are native Chinese. Hong Kong might be among the oldest places of cultures on earth, too. Proof of individual inhabitants and action was recorded as far back as five million years in Hong Kong.

Though it has so much history — that is highly admired — Hong Kong is still among the most innovative regions on the planet. It enjoys a strong economy based on free trade and reduced prices, making it one of the world’s leading global financial centers. Fundamental and high education is provided free to children in Hong Kong, and there’s total and complete religious freedom. The diverse mixture of old and new is among the things that keep thirty million visitors coming back every year. We will outline a few of the most incredible places to see when touring in Hong Kong.

The Peak

The Peak is among the most visited attractions in Hong Kong. The Peak itself is a scenic overlook at the surface of a mountain that provides people an undisturbed panoramic view of town and city below. Visitors to The Peak ride up 1,200 meters onto a tram pulled by steel wires. When there, they could partake in fine dining, shopping, and a bit of sightseeing.

Madame Tussaud’s

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Madame Tussaud’s is a world-famous wax museum with places on virtually every continent. The memorial houses wax replicas of several of the planet’s most prominent public figures and celebrities. The only one in Hong Kong is situated on the Peak of The worldwide and is currently home to a hundred of those lifelike figures. Visit Southwest Airlines Reservations to get the best flight fares with cheap vacation packages.

Aberdeen Harbor

Aberdeen Harbor is just one of these regions of Hong Kong in which the older certainly stands out from the brand new. The harbor is full of fishing boats that twice as people’s houses. It is a floating village of all types, and a don’t miss attraction. There is also a somewhat popular floating restaurant at the harbor which visitors to the place use to find a better perspective of these ships in the port, and it is quite a website after dark with its vibrant lights.

Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is an area of human-made and natural panoramic beauty. The bustling cityscape melds with historical deserts and landscapes to create a stunning backdrop for several actions. Cruises depart the harbor several times a night and day. You will find river trips leaving from the sanctuary, all of which favor locals and tourists alike.

Cultural Programs

The Hong Kong Tourism Board produced a collection of classes and programs with tourists in mind. The courses provide immersive ways for visitors to know about Hong Kong’s culture and get hands-on experience creating different meals and handicrafts in the area. The times are reserved from the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s office. Visitors may receive a schedule of upcoming classes out of their workplace too.

Giant Buddha

The Giant Buddha is a local spiritual icon that both tourists and locals hold dear. Visitors into the Temple must climb 240 staircases to the stage where he sits. The statue is over 100 feet tall and weighs almost 300 tons. While you’re there, you can go to the onsite monastery along with also the prayer garden.

Hong Kong Disney Land

Everybody enjoys Disneyland! The Hong Kong version comprises the very same attractions, events, and fun that other Disney attributes perform, but it interjects a few tremendous Chinese civilizations to the fun. Park hours vary by year, so it’s a fantastic idea to look at the calendar on their site before arranging a trip.

Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong is undoubtedly the spot to visit and be seen in Hong Kong. The region is simply a little cobblestone road in an alcove but is home to many of the town’s most well-known nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong culture, a visit to the Heritage Museum, is to be able. The sprawling construction covers 32,000 square meters and is home to twelve notable displays. Every one of the shows features a significant part of Hong Kong history — from the start to current day events.

Golden Bauhinia Square

Golden Bauhinia Square is situated in the front of Hong Kong’s convention center and is probably among the most historical sites in town. It’s the place where the electricity of Hong Kong was returned to China in the British. Every morning uniformed guards are placed to a flag-raising ceremony in Golden Bauhinia Square, and various special events are held during the year.

Chi Lin Nunnery

The Chi Lin Nunnery is a sprawling complex of several traditional Chinese design buildings that compose this monastery compound. It is built from the Tang Dynasty manner and is home to tens of thousands of spiritual relics. The Nan Lian Garden on the grounds of the nunnery is essential to see. It is a 3.5-hectare park perfectly landscaped based on strict principles and customs down to every stone, tree, and plant that develops in its boundaries.

Travel Tips

May through November is typhoon season in Hong Kong, and also travel/safety might be diminished by an upcoming storm. Plan your trip carefully today.

You will find over 7,000 free WiFi hotspots in Hong Kong, so remaining connected through the internet isn’t a problem in any way.

Although Cantonese is the official language in Hong Kong, English is a close second and is widely spoken in all city-regions.

Hong Kong has implemented automatic temperature detectors in its airport and various checkpoints. If your fever is large, you’ll need to undergo a health screening before you’re permitted to join the city.

Hong Kong has a strict no smoking policy in public places and buildings. Fines are levied against people who violate those coverages.

You will find over 7,000 free WiFi hotspots in Hong Kong, so remaining connected through the internet isn’t a problem in any way.

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