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10 water sports Everyone Should try in Goa

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Known for its majestic beaches and long coastlines, Goa is a perfect holiday destination. Goa is popular for its party culture and the long list of water activities to perform. From Scuba diving to Kite Surfing, Goa has many adventure sports one can enjoy.  

We have curated the top 10 water sports you should try on your visit to Goa:

  • Surfing is one of India’s most popular water sports. Surfing is such an amazing water sport that every tourist wants to participate in. In this, there is a boat like a spot boat towed through the waves. The bigger the wave, the more pleasure it will be to run it. This activity is mainly done in North Goa; it has some places like goa surf school(Arambol beach), salty soul surf shack(Mandrem beach), and banana surf school(Morjim beach). You can enjoy surfing by going to these places.
  • Parasailing,  Also known as parascending or paraskiing, is a recreational kite flying activity in which a boat, cart, or any moving vehicle is attached to this kite with the help of a rope. And when it is pulled, it blows up like a balloon. With parasailing, you can experience the natural beauty of Goa in the sky. Also, you can compete with the wind with this fast-moving kite, which will be the best in your experience. Betul beach, Xavier’s parasailing unit (Colva beach), Calangute beach, and Chapora beach are most famous for parasailing.
  • Scuba diving – There is a very famous underwater activity in Goa; through this, every diver can get to know the marine life in the depths of the sea. In scuba diving, the oxygen cylinder is tied at the back, and a pipe attached to the mask delivers oxygen from the cylinder to the cover, due to which water can also be breathed. Scuba diving is done at the famous beaches of Goa like Anjum Beach, Baga Beach, and Calangute Beach. To know about charges for Goa scuba diving, click here.
  • Canyoning – A type of mountaineering is called. The only difference is that it has to be climbed up a hill opposite the flow of the falling water. It is also very adventurous and risky, as it is almost impossible to breathe in the running water. This mountaineering is more adventurous; it is done at a few places in Goa or can be done by any guide. You can try it at places like Dudhsagar Waterfall, Palolem Waterfall (Canacona), Kulem Waterfall, and Bamanbudo Waterfall.
  • Kitesurfing is a popular water activity; it pulls a surf boat in the direction of the wind using a rope, similar to paragliding, which makes surfing rush across the water’s surface. It is held at Arambol Beach, Kalacha Beach, and Siridao Beach.
  • Jet skiing There is a boat with one engine, which runs in balance like a bike, only one or two people can sit in it, the joy of running comes with the most waves. Although the jet skiing experience looks the same almost everywhere, it is not. The movement is excellent when the right amount of wind blows, done in places with assured safety. For jet skiing in the Maldives, organizations like Goa Water Sports, Baga beach, and Boat Driver WaterSports based in Goa provide this service.
  • Flyboarding helps you fly in the air, making you feel like a superhero. It is connected to a pipe that directly, with the help of a jet boat, throws the water very fast, making this board fly in the air. You will get to play this game in Goa, which will make your trip even more thrilling.
  • Bodyboarding is similar to surfing, but you lie entirely on top of a board or flatboat in this surf. This surfing makes you feel like riding on top of every wave.
  • Cliff Diving It’s all about jumping from a high place, in which all your focus is on keeping your body straight so that your jump can take you further under the water. Well, there are many places in Goa where you can go diving. But some areas will be unique for you, like Grand Island, Butterfly Beach, Arambol Beach, Palm Patnem Beach, etc.
  • Snorkelling is how any diver can enjoy the underwater sea view for an extended period. Snorkelling is full of adventure. This game is mainly done on the seaside where the water level is low, and the water is clear, which helps to see the underwater life. There are two places to try snorkelling, Grande Island, Bogmalo Beach, Monkey Beach, and Bat Island; Miramar Beach is a trendy place for snorkelling in Goa.

Goa is one of the places to add to your destination. With many activities to enjoy, Goa is an exotic adventure destination to spend time in. Moreover, you can also enjoy partying and strolling around the beautiful streets of Goa. Plan your Goa vacations and create some lifetime memories.

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