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10 Highest Waterfall In India

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The following is a list of highest waterfalls in India. It is based on the data from World Waterfall Database

1. Hoggenakal Falls

Hoggenakal falls is a famous fall in south India on the river Kaveri and people consider its beauty to Niagara Falls. To experience this beautiful waterfall you have to reach to Dharmapuri districtof Tamil Nadu which is a southern Indian state. 

It is main tourist attraction where you will get to enjoy medicinal baths and hide boat rides.Kaveri is famous river and it has many spiritual beliefs that people follow.

2. Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls (Dudhsagar Falls) – perhaps the only thing worth seeing in the state of Goa (India). It is located on the border with the neighboring state of Karnataka in the Bhagwan Mahavir National Reserve, in the mountains of the Western Ghats. Going to the Dudhsagar Falls, you will fully enjoy the real India, not spoiled by modern civilization, with its groves of coconut palms, picturesque villages, rice fields, plantations of fruits and spices and Indians working on them. Book Deccan Odyssey train to experience goa in a luxurious way.

3. Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly Falls is located in the Atirappilly Panchayat in Thrissur Kerala, on the southwestern coast of India.

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Located on the western Chalakudi River near the Vazhachal forest section and the Sholayur districts, this 24-meter (80-foot) waterfall and the neighboring Vazhachal Waterfall are a popular tourist attraction.

4. Jog Falls

Jog Falls is the highest vertical waterfall in India. It is located in the state of Karnataka on the Sharavati River, the waters of which, rolling over a stone threshold, rush down, forming four waterfalls. So it would be more correct to say not Jog Falls, but Jog Falls.

5. Nohsnigitiang

This is not one waterfall, but seven jets falling from a single source, creating an impressive sight. The height of the waterfall is 315 meters. It is best to visit it during sunrise. Near this place you can rent inexpensive housing. The attraction is a kilometer from the village of Mosmai in the East Hasi Hill area of ​​Meghalaya State.

6. Waterfall “Seven Sisters”

The Indian Seven Sisters waterfall flows from a river that is divided into seven streams. It is located in the state of Meghalaya. Surrounded by green hills, the river is divided into seven separate streams (hence the name), which fall from a height of 1033 feet down a vertical limestone rock.

7. Kurtalam

Kurtalam is a small town located on the Western Ghats in the Tirunelveli area of ​​Tamil Nadu. This city is known among tourists for its beautiful waterfalls of the same name. There are nine beautiful waterfalls in Kurtalam: Main Waterfall (Peraruvi), Small Waterfall (Chitraruvi), Honey Waterfall (Tenaruvi), Shenbagadevi, Five Waterfalls (Aindaruvi), Orchard Waterfall, New Waterfall (Putu Aruvi), Old Waterfall and Tiger Waterfall. Of these, only three can be reached by car. To view the rest of the wonders of nature will have to hike.

8. Dhuandhar

Dhuandhar is a picturesque waterfall on the holy Jabalpur River in the Madhya Pradesh region. These waterfalls are also called the ‘Smoke Cascade’ because the falling water creates real fog. Visiting this natural attraction will give you a lot of fun. Despite the relatively small height (30 meters), the Dhuandhar’s waterfall breaks all records. Thanks to such power, a pool with a depth of more than 100 meters was formed at the foot of the waterfall.

9. Elephant waterfall

Elephant Falls – one of the main attractions of India. It received this name in honor of a nearby rock in the shape of an elephant. Locals have traditionally called it the “Three Steps Waterfall”. As the name suggests, water falls along three stone steps, unspeakably delighting visitors with its beauty. The elephant waterfall is divided into three small but noteworthy parts. You can visit it both in the monsoon season, when the flow is in full force, and in the post-monsoon period. Apart from water fall you can also explore some fort, palaces, lakes of Rajasthan, India. Why wait for plan a tour in Palace on Wheels Rajasthan and experience 8 days tour.   

10. Kempton falls

Kempti Falls is a picturesque waterfall with a height of just over 10 meters, located at Massuri station in the Dehradun Uttarahand area. This hill station is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. Kempti Waterfall is known for its beauty and panoramic views of the surrounding nature. In fact, Kempti is the most beautiful of a series of five waterfalls separated by cliffs. 

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